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Whether you’re looking for the intense hell of a boot camp like DRENCH or SUSPENSION’s softer approach to strength building, you’ll find our instructors to be supportive and focused on your success. Our online class schedule offers our current classes and sign up options. We encourage reservations as our classes tend to fill up. However, drop-ins are welcome if space is available. 



Anything can and will happen in this sweaty one-hour boot camp. Our trainers really let their individual training styles shine with a hard-hitting mix of cardio, resistance and flexibility. Find yourself submerged in free weights and barbells, besting your PR on a row machine or powering through an intense interval circuit. The only guarantee for what's gonna happen here is that you will leave soaking wet.



Jacked presents the perfect platform for new athletes learning the foundation of musclebuilding exercise and an atmosphere for seasoned athletes to continue their journey. After only a moment of pure cardio to get your heart rate up, you will be lifting weights and getting those gains. Ever wondered if you’re holding a barbell perfectly? Having trouble shaving off that last few pounds? Bam. You're welcome.



Visualize a high intensity cardio interval training session. There's no time to think or second guess yourself, you are moving from the start. We want to take you to a place called EPOC (Excessive Post-Workout Oxygen Consumption). If you can reach and maintain at least 80% of your max heart rate for 20-30 minutes, you can continue to burn calories and fat for 24 hours after your workout. Looking to cut or trim some fat? This is where you put the cherry on that.



With benefits for the seasoned athlete and the fitness newbie, Jacked + Burn is bringing you the ultimate workout. Half strength training, half cardio conditioning, our instructors make this combo class challenging and accessible. Switching from sprints to deadlifts, max rowing to snatches, speed and power meet in an ever changing fusion. Blending technique and endurance, this complete workout hits all points of your fitness. Our hybrid class is no small task, but can still be tailored to all fitness levels. Welcome to the dynamic duo of bootcamps!



This high-intensity yoga class will get the blood pumping & calories burning! We combine yoga flows with hand weights & cardio intervals to achieve your goals of a toned body & a clear mind.

Strengthen and stretch your muscles with a focus on body alignment in this small group class.



Get ready for a beat-bumping, sweat-dripping, empowering workout. You’ll get your heart pumping with a jump rope inspired warmup followed by shadowboxing to build your foundation of technique and speed. Once the gloves are on, you’ll practice punching drills with a partner to enhance coordination, or take it to the bags to increase endurance. With bursts of core strengthening and high intensity exercises intermixed between rounds, this is a full body workout that will reduce your stress and make you feel like you’re champ - because you are!


A gently heated yoga class suitable for all levels. Our instructors pull from varied backgrounds and teaching styles to create a class specifically for our clients. Whether it's a relaxing a mindful Hatha style class or an equally sweaty and strengthening Vinysa flow, our instructors have a keen eye to read the room and get you just what you are looking for



Suspension training was developed for the NAVY Seals to enhance performance and surpass fitness plateaus. These iconic yellow and black suspension straps hang from the ceiling, and that's where you will be doing all your work. TRX utilizes vector, the element of bodyweight as resistance. Keep your core tight and your hips tucked as you hang from your arms or feet, pushing the floor away with you with perfect balance and perfect form.



Can’t get enough of us?

We’ve got more to offer.  

We know you are busy, and sometimes our class times do not align with your schedule. We are happy to announce we have a new, more flexible Open Gym scheduling system.  

Our main group studio will be open for you to lift free weights, get in some barbell lifting, or work on some cardio on the rowers or bikes!  

These sessions are exclusively for Unlimited Group Fitness Members as well as Private Training clients. If you have a trainer, you will have access to these sessions to get in your assigned workouts on your own time!



StudioX presents group fitness at a happy hour price; where you'll be burning calories instead of storing them. Come join our boot camp mixologist for an hour that will truly leave you buzzed...

$10 WALK-Ins!



Cardio Kickboxing

A great workout for everyone interested in improving their fitness & stamina. This class is flexible to serve the needs of all students - it will get beginners into shape, it will challenge advanced athletes, & both men & women are welcome! Class format integrates combinations of punches, kicks, & heavy-bag work. Additional muscle and motion exercises are incorporated to strengthen and tone. You will have fun, reduce stress, & get an awesome workout.