Lyndsay discovered yoga in 2006 and became a daily practitioner after relocating from the east coast to Portland in 2009. Following several years of adopting the instructors and classes that make up Portland’ yoga culture, she took the plunge and completed her 200-hour training in the spring of 2015.

Having lived everywhere from New York City to the Florida Keys, Lyndsay fell in love with the Northwest’s civic emphasis on community, creativity, and the great outdoors. A lifelong advocate of heat and sweat, she enjoys running, hiking, riding her bike, swimming in rivers, and other activity involving excellent friends and great tacos. Her involvement with yoga empowers those interests, providing the mat as a single location to quiet the mind and focus her strength. That value as a helm, she hopes to bring a sense of fun and lightness when connecting with students, providing a welcome space to support and invite the same restorative benefits she applies in her own practice.