NEW Introductory Personal Training Package

Have you wanted to add a little extra push to your current workout routine? Our customized personal training programs address your individual needs and keep you constantly moving forward. We develop a fitness program to keep you moving when you're outside of our walls (and perhaps even your comfort zones). We provide a tailored plan for cardio, strength training, stretching and diet. You see the results.

Try our NEW Introductory Personal Training Package.

Available online. Go to "Services" and choose "Personal Training" then select the "Introductory Personal Training Package".

Three 60 minute sessions for $165. (just $55 per session!)

* This is an introductory offer.  Everyone is eligible for this one time offer.

* Any available trainer. Anytime. 





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All Inclusive


Nutrition. Classes. Personal Attention. Results.

Take your body where it wants to go with our 4, 8 or 12 week weight cut down program. We will focus on firm nutrition while utilizing private sessions, small group training and a watchful eye.

Act Now!

Coming April 28th, 2014

rev·o·lu·tion noun \ˌre-və-ˈlü-shən\ 2a : a sudden, radical, or complete change



Nutrition Requirements/Guidelines:


All inclusive. Every 4 weeks you will receive the following:

4 – Training sessions with trainer

4 – Body Revolution Suspension Classes

4– Classes of your choice. ANY class on our schedule

4 – HIIT Cardio Homework session

4 – Weekly nutrition check-in/reviews


Initial Composition, Movement, and Fitness Testing

  • Must sign-up in advance for Initial Testing

  • Measurements (Body Fat Percentage and Inches)

  • Movement Assessment

Continual Accountability

  • 30 day Fitness Testing and Measurements

  • Nutrition


Option 1:  Month to Month $400/month

Option 2: Full 12 weeks Save 10% if paid in full $1080

Interested?  Let us know and we will contact you shortly.

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Free Yoga!


Yoga For Athletes

Saturdays @ 10am

Come gain some flexibility and strength in this all levels yoga flow class! No Omming or chanting, just moving and breathing. Be prepared to break and sweat and get rid of stress and soreness!

The Details:

1) Clients must register online using their current membership or punch card.

2) After successfully attending the class will be moved to a free class. No-shows or late cancels will be deducted from account as attended

3) Bring your mat! We do have rentals for $3 per use.

3) April only