X-Press Resolution 30


X-Press Resolution 30


X-PRESS Resolution 30 is a 30-day all inclusive program starting January 2016.

Bad habits are so 2015. Start this year out fresh with an all inclusive program that will get you on track to achieve your goals. 

Starts: Any day you choose

Pricing: $400-30 day program

Your 30 day program will include:

Eight (8) group fitness classes of your choice

Four (4) Personal Training sessions/assessments

One (1) personalized Physical Therapy Session* (see physical therapy options below)

This program is open and available to EVERYONE, including all of our current clients. If you are already a client and want to participate, don’t worry; we will freeze your existing account/service.

We know sometimes the New Year doesn’t begin until a little later in January, which is why your X-Press Resolution 30 can start any time.

Physical Therapy options:

Pre-Exercise Program Screening: Does a nagging issue or worry of re-injury make you hesitant about returning to exercise? Before they become more serious and debilitating, we can help you address your pain/soreness or movement difficulties.

Personal flexibility assessment and myofascial stretching techniques: Learn how to increase flexibility, physical performance, and decrease pain/soreness. Also available are assisted stretch sessions for either the whole body or specific areas.

High-speed video running analysis, exam, and treatment: Whether you have pain or are just interested in running better, we can help you with all of your running related concerns.

How to start:

1) Purchase on our online store


2) Fill out our online intake form. We will contact you shortly to get you started and get you scheduled


Year End Maintenance


Year End Maintenance

Studio Year End Closure For Maintenance

We will be closed from 12/25/15 through 12/29/16 for our year end maintenance

If you would like to freeze your membership during this time please sign up at the front desk or drop us an email.

Please be aware that your auto-renewal will be pushed out 5 days if you choose to suspend your account.

Thank you in advance for understanding

Happy Holidays!



Runners' Clinic


Runners' Clinic

Do you enjoy running?

Whatever your motivation, running is one of the most natural forms of exercise.  Yet, each year 25-50% of recreational runners sustain an injury bad enough to alter training.  While the vast majority of injuries (80-85%) can be attributed to training errors (too much, too fast, too soon), the way we run can have a profound impact as well.

We have seen the enemy and it is excessive force!  

Imagine a sledge hammer that weighs 3-4 times your body weight (450 to 600lbs for a 150lb person); now imagine taking that sledge hammer and striking the bottom of your feet 160 times per minute or more.  It is truly amazing what the human body is capable of withstanding.  The goal of current running science is simply to reduce these forces without increasing energy cost.  It turns out that very small changes in running form can yield major decreases in musculoskeletal stress.

Confused about all the different advice?

Motion control shoe or barefoot, heel or forefoot strike, Chi or Pose, pronator or supinator?  Physical Therapy at Studio X now offers a Runners’ Clinic that is specifically designed to cut through all the noise and deliver results.  Whether you have been running for years or are just starting out, our team of professionals led by our in-house physical therapist will provide expert examination and treatment of your running-related concerns. We will work with you to help you achieve your running goals.  Runners of all ages and levels are welcome!  Please visit our website or contact Jay Salzman for more information 503-236-7114




RESTORE Workshop


RESTORE Workshop


3 Session Workshop 10/17, 10/24 and 10/31

Saturdays @ 11am

$90 non-members/ Members automatically get 15% off!

Join our resident physical therapist in exploring techniques to improve your physical performance!  In learning the latest scientifically supported ways to assess and treat your own flexibility, you will also be able to more effectively manage and prevent pain and injury.    This is a multiple part workshop and is intended to be taught in three separate sessions.

Myofascial Stretching 1:  Introduction, legs, hips and trunk, part 1

Myofascial Stretching 2:  Legs, hips, and trunk, part 2

Myofascial Stretching 3:  Upper limbs

This class is not meant to be a substitute for a physical therapy examination and treatment plan and is designed for healthy, currently uninjured individuals.  



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