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Physical Therapy at Studio X.

Owner Tim Irwin is excited to offer the addition of physical therapy services to Studio X’s current offerings.  Partnering with physical therapist Jay Salzman, he feels strongly that PT will further enable clients to meet their overall health and fitness goals.  Tim and Jay share a common philosophy in the role of exercise as medicine and dedication to make individualized physical therapy evaluation and treatment convenient and affordable.  These services are available to Studio X members and non-members alike.

Physical therapy at Studio X will only offer active treatment approaches with proven effectiveness and never involve the use of ancillary personnel.  You can expect total commitment to your goals and one-on-one interaction with the PT for the entire session(s).  Contrast this with many clinics that use physical therapist assistants or aides, or with ineffective or unproven passive modalities.

And once your PT goals have been met, you will be instilled with a sense of confidence in managing your problems independently.  Current or future Studio X fitness members can expect the additional benefit of a smooth transition back into their own fitness regimens as the trainers at Studio X can work closely with PT to assist with continued progress.

I have gotten more out of coming to see you for 3 sessions than I have with all of my other PTs combined
— Studio X physical therapy client (unsolicited)


These are some of the PT focus areas at Studio X:

  • Athletic injury prevention and treatment (especially running and water sports)

  • Runners' Clinic (with high speed videoanalysis)

  • Functional movement analysis

  • Pre-exercise assessment

  • Therapeutic exercise

  • Joint/spine mobilization/manipulation

  • Kinesiology taping

  • Lumbar stabilization/core training

  • Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM)

  • Personal flexibility assessment/myofascial stretch therapy

  • Postural analysis

  • Post-operative rehabilitation

  • Ergonomic consultation/workplace injury prevention and treatment

  • Custom foot orthoses (shoe inserts)

We take pride in finding the underlying cause of pain and not just chasing pain itself. This means sometimes addressing dysfunction in a part of the body seemingly far removed from the painful area.


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  • Prescription/Physician Referral

  • Medical Information/Medical Records:



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Initial Consultation (60 minutes)



Follow Up (50-55 minutes)







If you have never had a high speed video analysis of your running form, you owe it to yourself to get one!

Whatever your motivation, running is one of the most natural forms of exercise.  Yet, each year 25-50% of recreational runners sustain an injury bad enough to alter training.  While the vast majority of injuries (80-85%) can be attributed to training errors (too much, too fast, too soon), the way we run can have a profound impact as well.


Imagine a sledge hammer that weighs 3-4 times your body weight (450 to 600lbs for a 150lb person); now imagine taking that sledge hammer and striking the bottom of your feet 160 times per minute or more.  It is truly amazing what the human body is capable of withstanding.  The goal of current running science is simply to reduce these forces without increasing energy cost.  It turns out that very small changes in running form can yield major decreases in musculoskeletal stress.

Confused about all the different advice?

Motion control shoe or barefoot, heel or forefoot strike, Chi or Pose, pronator or supinator?  Studio X Physical Therapy now offers a Runners’ Clinic that is specifically designed to cut through all the noise and deliver results.  Whether you have been running for years or are just starting out, our team of professionals led by our physical therapist will provide expert examination and treatment of your running-related concerns. We will work with you to help you achieve your running goals.  Runners of all ages and levels are welcome!  

Research has shown that the most effective approach to injury prevention and treatment is to decrease the forces acting on your body while running; this is mainly achieved through minor changes in your running form.


State of the Art Evaluation and Treatment

Running is a fundamentally simple exercise.  It does not require expensive equipment and can be done almost anywhere.  We were born to run.  However, running is an extremely complex activity requiring the interaction of many different systems within the human body.  For a variety of reasons, dysfunction in the systems can result in pain and injury.

Our Runners’ Clinic is specifically designed to address the needs of those that choose to run.  We get it; created by runners, operated by runners, for runners, our approach follows the latest scientifically proven methods of improving performance and decreasing the risk of and/or managing injury.  This can only be achieved with the aid of high speed video analysis; a 30 second jog at the running shoe store under the watchful eye of the salesperson or even on a treadmill with standard video simply won't cut it.

With all the varied and often conflicting information that surrounds running, you may be frustrated and/or confused.  There is no one perfect formula; everyone is unique.  Our Runners’ Clinic greatly simplifies things to identify and focus on what works best for you!

Research has shown that the most effective approach to injury prevention and treatment is to decrease the forces acting on your body while running; this is mainly achieved through minor changes in your running form.  After that, the plan is to increase the ability of your musculoskeletal system to tolerate force (think strength and flexibility)

Regardless of your age, experience level, or motivation, our team of professionals led by our in-house physical therapist will provide expert examination and treatment of your running-related concerns. We share your passion and will strive to give you the results you expect.  

Running Injury/Performance Evaluations

Biomechanical assessment is used in combination with a thorough musculoskeletal evaluation to address injury and performance issues.  During the 60 minute initial evaluation, clients receive:

  • History and running program review

  • Orthopedic examination (eg. flexibility, strength, balance, alignment, foot structure)

  • High speed 2D video analysis of running mechanics

  • Treatment plan development (eg. recommendations related to footwear, running mechanics, exercise)

All tests and findings will be reviewed with you immediately following the examination.  If necessary, a treatment program will be implemented, with follow-up options discussed.  Your treatment could consist of therapeutic exercises, manual physical therapy, and guidelines for a progressive return to your prior running level.  Modification to your running form might also be recommended to correct adverse running mechanics.  If you have an injury, your exam may be covered by insurance; we can give you the paperwork needed to get reimbursement.  Even if you don’t have an injury, suggestions to improve your efficiency, reduce energy cost and prevent injuries can be made.

Members with personal training packages can purchase
PT sessions for an upgrade fee

Please contact Jay Salzman for more information 




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To Stretch, or Not to Stretch?

That is the question  

While most people recognize the performance benefits of strengthening and conditioning, stretching programs are controversial, or neglected altogether.  Does it help prevent injury, or does it cause it?  Does it improve athletic performance, or does it degrade it?   When athletes do stretch, they often use the same old, tired exercises that have been practiced for generations,  regardless of the sport/activity or purpose (warm up, cool down,  injury prevention/treatment, etc.), and without justification by the latest scientific evidence.  

A Personal Flexibility Assessment from Studio X PT clarifies all the conflicting information and will teach you powerful and effective techniques tailored to your specific needs. Practicing this system will also allow you to more effectively prevent and manage pain and injury.  We are confident that you will feel and/or move better after just one session!

What to Expect

This is not your parents’ stretching program!  Your assessment  will consist of a variety of functional movements and flexibility tests to assess your current strengths and areas that need further attention.   After a careful review of your results, suggestions will be made to address your personal needs and goals.

These might include:

  • Self myofascial release

  • Self myofascial stretching

  • Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM)

  • Manual stretching (therapist assisted)

  • Sport specific stretching

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Please contact Jay Salzman for more information (, 503-236-7114)




Identify and treat pain/movement impairments

Does a nagging musculoskeletal issue or worry of re-injury make you hesitant to exercise to your fullest ability?  Do you have pain that frustrates you during activity, or lingers for 24-72 hours after exercise, or never goes completely away?  Do you have trouble moving with certain exercises, activities, or sports?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you may be an excellent candidate for a Studio X Physical Therapy Pre-Exercise Assessment!   We can help you address your pain/soreness or movement difficulties before they become more serious and debilitating.   Armed with a personalized assessment and follow up plan, you will gain the tools and confidence to participate fully in all that you want to achieve.

What to Expect

Your personalized 60 minute screening includes a careful review of your your specific musculoskeletal issues and may entail functional movement, strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and other testing as indicated.  A working treatment plan will be developed to address your individual needs and goals and might include:

  • Corrective exercise instruction

  • Heat/cold/self myofascial release instruction

  • Activity/exercise modification

  • Collaboration with personal training staff

  • Clinic-based physical therapy treatment (things that you cannot do on your own)

Although our expectation is to empower you with the knowledge and skill to independently manage your challenges,  we can provide one-on-one physical therapy treatment if the need dictates.  It is our experience that even the most chronic problems can be successfully managed with just a few visits over 4-8 weeks. Your treatment may be reimbursable if you have insurance coverage.

Members with personal training packages can purchase PT sessions for an upgrade fee.  Please visit our website or contact Jay Salzman, PT for more information (, 503-236-7114)       


Physical Therapy Policies



Physical Therapy Policies

New Patients:  Although not legally required in Oregon, a referral from another medical provider may be required by your insurance company if you will be seeking reimbursement for services.  If you have one, please bring your valid physical therapy prescription, plus complete all of the forms listed on our website prior to your appointment.  If you donʼt have a written referral, we ask that you place a call to the provider’s office to request a script be emailed to us at It should read “Physical Therapy Evaluate and Treat PRN”.

Returning Patients:  For returning patients, please bring any new prescription if you were referred or have it emailed to us at  Also complete a new Outpatient Intake Form on your new problem and an updated Patient Insurance Worksheet if any content has changed.

Fees/Payment:  We are able to keep our fees very low by eliminating the major cost associated with insurance billing and other high overhead areas typical of traditional physical therapy clinics.  Payment is due in full at the time of each session. We accept cash, credit cards, and HSA cards.

Insurance Reimbursement:  Studio X Fitness is an out of network provider for all insurance providers. At your request, we will email an invoice to you after each visit for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. We suggest that you contact your health insurance company before your first visit and use our Patient Insurance Worksheet to get the information you need to maximize your out-of-network benefits. The worksheet is provided to help you ask the right questions. It is your responsibility to understand your health insurance coverage, to know how to get reimbursed and at what level. It is also your responsibility to follow-up with your insurance company after the submission of claims to ensure that the claims are processed correctly. 

Prescription/Physician Referral:  Even though the state of Oregon has direct access to physical therapy, your insurance company may require a prescription before they provide coverage.  Please bring a current (within 30 days) valid prescription from whichever medical provider your coverage requires (medical doctor, osteopathic physician, chiropractic physician, podiatric physician and surgeon, naturopathic physician, dentist, physician assistant or nurse practitioner) if you intend to seek reimbursement.  We do not participate with Medicare but we would be happy to refer you to clinics that do.  We also cannot provide service for any Worker’s Compensation claims.

Treatment Sessions:  An initial examination will typically take 55-60 minutes and follow up treatment sessions 50-55 minutes depending on your individual needs.  For all sessions, please wear or bring clothes appropriate for exercise and that allow us to examine and treat the affected area.  T-shirts, shorts, yoga or sweat pants, tank tops, and sports bras are some good choices.

Medical Information/Medical Records:  We understand that your present and past medical information is personal. We are committed to protecting information about you. We create a record of care and services you receive at Studio X Fitness that is maintained electronically via WebPT. This allows for us to remain free of paper charts, that are prone to damage, loss, or security concerns. We need these records to provide you with quality care, to comply with legal requirements and to meet your needs for reimbursement. This notice applies to all of the records generated: law requires us to:

  • Make sure that medical information that identifies you is kept secure.
  • Give you this notice of our legal duties and privacy practices with respect to medical information about you. Please make sure you have completed your intake forms fully to ensure that your medical record is complete. 


Initial Consultation (60 minutes)


Follow Up (50-55 minutes)


We welcome existing clients to add physical therapy to their current program. After the initial consultation and follow up members can add physical therapy to their existing personal training package for an add-on price. 

Cost Per SessionAdditional Follow Up
(60 Minutes)(50-55 Minute)
10 Pack Member$35$35
20 Pack Member$40$40
40 Pack Member$50$50



Send us an email with a little bit about you and we'll go from there!

Name *