William Marshall is originally from the United Kingdom and has been in Portland, OR, since January 2015. Will started boxing at the age of 8 at the Devonport Amateur Boxing Club in Plymouth, England.  He had his first fight at the age of 10 making him the youngest boxer to ever compete in an amateur fight in England.  Over 10 years with Devonport, Will accumulated approximately 60 amateur fights winning numerous regional championships.  At 18, Will won the national championship title for boxing and was selected to represent the England national team in an international boxing tournament in Ireland.  

After winning the national title and receiving a number of offers to turn professional with various US boxing promoters, Will decided to sign with a well known boxing promoter in Portland, OR.  During his twenties he traveled back and forth between Portland and England to train and compete professionally.  Will had his more recent professional fight at the Emerald Queen Casino in June 2016 where he won by first round knock out.

In the last couple of years Will has turned his focus from competition to using his boxing knowledge to teach others. Will’s boxing class consists of learning the fundamentals of boxing footwork as well as defensive movements and punching techniques and combinations. Will loves to end every session with a mixed arm/core/legs circuit and his killer ab session for a complete body workout!