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Enjoy a variety of class types and 60+ class times.

We offer small classes with personalized attention. Find different membership options to fit your schedule and your budget. Our plans are flexible and require no commitment!

While you don’t need to be a member to take classes, membership does have its benefits - find them here.

Our entire class schedule is available online and we encourage reservations as classes tend to fill up. If space is available, drop-ins are welcome.

8 Classes / Month

$112 per month ($14/class)

12 Classes / Month

$156 per month ($13/class)

∞ Unlimited Membership

Any class, any time for $175 a month. Open Gym Included.

The Combo

Group Fitness and Private Training

6 classes and 2 Personal Training sessions for
$175 a month. Get the best of both worlds! Gym Time Included.


Need something different? Let us know. 

Other Options:

Single drop ins - $23

10-Class Punch Card - $190 (10-week expiration)



RECURRING AUTOPAY. To keep you moving, your plan is set up with monthly autopay.

NO COMMITMENT. Your plan is month-to-month with no contract and can be cancelled or changed at anytime with a 14-day notice. No questions asked. We hate long-term commitment as much as you do.

FLEXIBLE. You can use your classes all month. Leaving for a week? No worries! You've got three other weeks to get into the studio. We have zero class scheduling restrictions.

FIXED PRICE. Keep your current rate as long as you maintain that membership.

NO HIDDEN COSTS. We never have any start-up costs or hidden fees. Never.


Style: Boot Camp / Trainer’s Choice

What to Expect: Anything goes - our trainers really let their individual styles shine! At its core, Drench is hard-hitting mix of cardio, resistance and flexibility training.

What It’s Not: A class that emphasizes heavy-weight lifting, so no barbells will be used. Drench is high-volume, so expect invertals with lots of reps!

Who It’s For: People who love variety and fast-paced workouts, as well as those who get bored easily! This class will keep you on your toes and leave you drenched in sweat.



Style: Weights

What to Expect: A slower-paced class that emphasizes form and building strength. Barbells are used in every class.

What It’s Not: A class for those who want to improve cardio conditioning, or push their heart rate to the max.

Who It’s For: Jacked is appropriate for NEW and ADVANCED lifters. If you are new to lifting, you will benefit from detailed explanations of form and basic understanding of lifts for different muscle groups. If you consider yourself an advanced lifter, you will benefit from programming that will help you reach your PR on bench press, or expert cueing that will help you finally nail your perfect form on deadlift.



Style: Cardio

What to Expect: High-intensity cardio intervals that aim to take you to EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption), which supercharges your body’s ability to burn calories for 24 hours after your workout. Expect rowing, biking, plyometrics and bodyweight movements.

What It’s Not: For the faint of heart. This intense class will push you to your limits.

Who It’s For: Burn is for those looking to supercharge their fat-burning capabilities, improve heart health and boost stamina.



Style: Weights + Cardio

What to Expect: Our class is split down the middle: the first half of class focuses on weight training using barbells, dumbbells and/or other weights. The second half focuses on cardio, such as rowing, biking and sprinting, and will get your heart racing!

What It’s Not: A class for those who only want cardio (BURN) or weightlifting (JACKED).

Who It’s For: Those who want a well-rounded workout - experience the benefits of muscle-building strength training, and fat-burning cardio all in one!



Style: Yoga + Weights

What to Expect: Traditional yoga flows supercharged with free weights and cardio intervals in a heated room.

What It’s Not: A relaxing yoga class that emphasizes deep stretching and holding poses (see YOGA).

Who’s It For: This class is great for those who are looking for a new workout challenge, and want to tone their entire body.


Barre and balls

Style: Barre and utilization of various studio balls

What to Expect: A vigorous class that focuses on core stability, isometric movement, and cardio intervals while toning & building strength, coordination, & confidence.

What It’s Not: Those wanting to lift heavy weights.

Who’s It For:Those wanting an intense workout that focuses on developing specific muscles and increasing cardiovascular endurance.


Style: 60% Abs and Glutes, 40% cardio

What to Expect: A class designed to target glutes and abs with added elements of cardio. Tone and strengthen your core and glutes with a series of circuits designed to get you toned.

What It’s Not: Not a class for the faint of heart, ass or abs.

Who’s It For: Those wanting to build a strong core and make those glutes pop (sit-ups aren't the only way to get there).


Style: Slow Flow

What to Expect: In ALIGN, you will learn yoga fundamentals. Expect a focus on basic poses, plus a simple flow in a gently heated room.

What It’s Not: An intense yoga workout (see POWER or TONED)

Who It’s For: Great for beginners, and those looking to build a mind-body connection and increase flexibility.



Style: Power vinyasa flow

What to Expect: In POWER yoga, stretching meets strength with an emphasis on refining the core. This class takes place in a heated studio.

What It’s Not: A yoga class for those wanting a slower flow or to learn the basics (see ALIGN)

Who’s It For: Great for those who are familiar with yoga basics and want a challenging, heated workout.



Style: TRX

What to Expect: Challenging full-body workout using TRX straps and bodyweight-only moves.

What It’s Not: A class where you can get away with sloppy form - technique is key.

Who It’s For: Perfect for those looking to improve core strength, balance and performance. Suspension can help you surpass fitness plateaus by improving your form and stability, or help you work your way up to weightlifting.



Style: Dynamic movement + functional fitness

What to Expect: A class where moving your body is the challenge. Expect a number of dynamic stretching movements, working against yourself and gravity to increase your mobility while getting a great workout that’ll leave your muscles burning. You’ll leave this class feeling limber and more in tune with your body. 

What It’s Not: A high intensity cardio workout, or a weight lifting class. This is a class for improving your coordination, balance and posture. 

Who It’s For: Anyone looking to improve their ability to move naturally.


Style: Boxing

What to Expect: Practice punching drills using bags and/or partner work. Expect bursts of core strengthening exercises and HIIT intermixed between boxing rounds. Gloves are provided.

What It’s Not: A class where you have to worry about getting hit! We use bags and punch mitts.

Who It’s For: For those who want a full body, stress-reducing workout, and to leave feeling like a champ! Both newcomers and experienced boxers are welcome.


Style: Calisthenics

What to Expect: This calisthenics-inspired class is the perfect way to refine your ninja skills! By utilizing gravity, resistance and total body control, you will increase your ability to build superhuman strength.

What It’s Not: A high intensity cardio class

Who It’s For: Those who have goals of achieving their first pull up, handstand or pistol squat, or for those looking to level up in general. No experience necessary.



Style: Strength and core intervals

Strength, intervals and core work are the sermon of the day.

Join us for 1 hour of using your own strength and power to reach your fitness goals in a total body, fat burning, circuit-style workout. Confession not required.


Style: Anything goes - $10 CLASS DROP INS

**$10 pricing only available at the front desk prior to class start time**

What to Expect: Expect an invigorating mix of everything from cardio to strength training. HAPPY HOUR gives our instructors the opportunity to try new routines and programs.

What It’s Not: A class for those who want to know exactly what to expect.

Who’s It For: Those who want a pick-me-up. Our class will leave you breathless and certainly buzzed!


We get it. Sometimes life gets in the way and our class schedule doesn’t align with yours. Our Open Gym hours offer the freedom to work out on your own time and your own terms.

Depending on the time of day, either our main group studio or our smaller second room will be open for you to lift weights, work on some cardio on the rowers or bikes or use any of our other equipment to create your own workout.  

These sessions are exclusively for Unlimited Group Fitness members as well as Private Training clients. If you have a trainer, you will have access to these sessions to get in your assigned workouts on your own time!