RESTORE Workshop


3 Session Workshop 10/17, 10/24 and 10/31

Saturdays @ 11am

$90 non-members/ Members automatically get 15% off!

Join our resident physical therapist in exploring techniques to improve your physical performance!  In learning the latest scientifically supported ways to assess and treat your own flexibility, you will also be able to more effectively manage and prevent pain and injury.    This is a multiple part workshop and is intended to be taught in three separate sessions.

Myofascial Stretching 1:  Introduction, legs, hips and trunk, part 1

Myofascial Stretching 2:  Legs, hips, and trunk, part 2

Myofascial Stretching 3:  Upper limbs

This class is not meant to be a substitute for a physical therapy examination and treatment plan and is designed for healthy, currently uninjured individuals.  



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Tim Irwin