THE challenge

THE challenge.

Kick-start your summer for $40. THE challenge will include INITIAL body composition measurements & athletic performance testing with one of our private trainers, as well as final RETESTING to show progress. Whether you are hitting 3 classes a week or running off the weight we want to see you work.

Initial testing can be scheduled between May 15th-31st. Final assessment must be scheduled for a date prior to June 30th. You have 30 days to show us what you’ve got.

The winner of the contest will show the most overall improvement in body composition and athletic performance testing.That does not mean the fittest person will win, the winner will be the person who shows the most improvement between initial and final assessments.

We are looking for inches lost, endurance built, and strength gained!

The WINNER will receive one free month of our newest membership- The COMBO or 4 private training sessions. The COMBO offers 2 private training sessions along with 6 group classes monthly. The best of both worlds.

Do you want to look good, and feel better?


Click HERE to sign up, ‘THE challenge’ option is listed under Private Training.

Tim Irwin