$30 Baseline Assessment

No need to wonder if you’re striving towards your fitness goals - you can easily track your progress with a $30 Baseline Assessment!

Need help staying accountable? You can now purchase multiple Baseline Assessments. We recommend retesting every 10 weeks to map your progress.

  • What is a Baseline Assessment?: A way for you to determine your current fitness benchmark. This hour-long assessment that has two parts: Body Composition Measurements and a Performance Assessment.

  • Why you should book a Baseline Assessment: To determine a benchmark for which to compare your future progress. We recommend retesting in five weeks to compare progress, and to make sure you are heading in the right direction towards your fitness/weight loss goals.

  • Things to consider:

    • Do not workout within 24 hours of your assessment.

    • Do not eat a large meal within 8 hours of your assessment.

    • Bring a short-sleeved shirt and shorts for the Body Composition measurements.

    • Come ready to work - our short Performance Assessment measures maximal speed, strength and endurance!

  • How to schedule:

    • Start by filling out an Intake Form with available dates and times. We will schedule a session that works for you.

Jenna Cook