Identify and treat pain/movement impairments

Does a nagging musculoskeletal issue or worry of re-injury make you hesitant to exercise to your fullest ability?  Do you have pain that frustrates you during activity, or lingers for 24-72 hours after exercise, or never goes completely away?  Do you have trouble moving with certain exercises, activities, or sports?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, you may be an excellent candidate for a Studio X Physical Therapy Pre-Exercise Assessment!   We can help you address your pain/soreness or movement difficulties before they become more serious and debilitating.   Armed with a personalized assessment and follow up plan, you will gain the tools and confidence to participate fully in all that you want to achieve.

What to Expect

Your personalized 60 minute screening includes a careful review of your your specific musculoskeletal issues and may entail functional movement, strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and other testing as indicated.  A working treatment plan will be developed to address your individual needs and goals and might include:

  • Corrective exercise instruction

  • Heat/cold/self myofascial release instruction

  • Activity/exercise modification

  • Collaboration with personal training staff

  • Clinic-based physical therapy treatment (things that you cannot do on your own)

Although our expectation is to empower you with the knowledge and skill to independently manage your challenges,  we can provide one-on-one physical therapy treatment if the need dictates.  It is our experience that even the most chronic problems can be successfully managed with just a few visits over 4-8 weeks. Your treatment may be reimbursable if you have insurance coverage.


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