Initial Consultation (90 minutes)



Follow Up (50-55 minutes)




Initial Exam and Treatment ($150):

90 minutes of comprehensive patient diagnosis/treatment (includes 60 minute appointment, medical chart review, documentation, email follow up/home program instruction, and trainer/staff integration as needed)

Follow-up Sessions ($125):

Progress in-clinic treatment and home management program as needed.   

We welcome existing clients to add physical therapy to their current program.

After the initial consultation and follow up members can add physical therapy to their existing personal training package for an add-on price. 

Cost Per SessionAdditional Follow Up
(60 Minutes)(50-55 Minute)
10 Pack Member$35$35
20 Pack Member$40$40
40 Pack Member$50$50


Our Runner’s Clinic utilizes the experience of our physical therapist to help address many common running injuries, or simply help to prevent injury while additionally improving form and performance.

TIER ONE ($100)

A 60-minute, straightforward running exam for those without current injury and do not require a physical therapy evaluation. We’ll video your stride and offer a detailed analysis exclusively on your form. (This appointment will not address impairments or exercise instruction).

This includes video stills of your running form, immediate recommendations for improvement, and running shoe recommendations.

TIER TWO ($150)

A 90-minute appointment that includes all of Tier One services plus a physical exam to address strength, mobility, and stability impairments, along with any needed exercise instruction.

60-Minute Follow-up Sessions for either TIER ONE or TWO ($100): Progress treatment and home program as needed.


A 90-minute appointment that includes all services in Tiers One and Two while also including a physical therapy evaluation specifically focusing on a diagnosis of current acute or chronic pain/injury affecting running ability.

60-Minute Follow-up for TIER 3 ($125): Progress in-clinic treatment and home management program as needed.  


Fees/Payment:  We’re able to keep our fees low by eliminating the major cost associated with insurance billing and other high overhead typical of traditional physical therapy clinics.  

In addition, we charge a simple flat rate per session (compared to other clinics that tack on charges based on specific treatments provided). Payment is due in full at the time of each session via cash or credit card only. We cannot accept HSA cards, but we can help you get the appropriate paperwork for reimbursement.

insurance policy

Insurance Policy:  Studio X Fitness is an out-of-network provider for all insurance companies. The reason we don’t contract as in-network with insurance companies is because we’ve found the fees for our services, even while out-of-network, to be less expensive than seeing an in-network provider. This is because nearly all insurance plans will have out-of-pocket charges for care, regardless if you see an in-network or out-of-network provider. It’s also important to note that physical therapy is categorized as  medical specialty by insurance companies, and therefore subject to an annual deductible and copay at time of service.


The following cost comparison is used to illustrate a typical four session series, which consists of one initial evaluation and three follow up treatment sessions (though we can often get you on your way with fewer sessions!).

Insurance Plan Example:

Annual deductible: $1,250

In-network provider copayment: 20% of billed charges

Out-of-network copayment: 50% of billed charges

“Provider A” Charges (in-network):

Initial 45 minute evaluation/treatment: $380

Three 30 to 45 minute follow up treatment sessions: $630 (at $210 per session)

Total charges: $1,010

Total out-of-pocket cost if deductible unmet: $1,010

Total out-of-pocket cost if deductible already met: $202 (20% of billed charges

Studio X Charges (out-of-network):

Initial 60 minute evaluation/treatment: $150

Three 60 minute follow up treatment sessions: $375 (at $125 per session)

Total charges: $525

Total out-of-pocket cost if deductible unmet: $525

Total out-of-pocket cost if deductible already met: $263 (50% of charges)

You can see that if you are like many healthy people and never accrue enough out-of-pocket expenses to satisfy your deductible, Studio X Physical Therapy is far more affordable. We have had several clients confirm how much less their total out-of-pocket costs were with Studio X in comparison to their own in-network providers.  

Other than pricing, the only difference between Studio X Physical Therapy and an in-network provider, is that we charge for each visit at the time of service, and ask that you submit paperwork to your insurance for reimbursement (at your request, we can email you an invoice after each visit for this purpose).

We suggest that you contact your health insurance company before your first visit and use our Patient Insurance Worksheet to gather the information you need to maximize your out-of-network benefits. While we’re unable to contact your insurance on your behalf, the worksheet is provided to help you ask the right questions and understand your out-of-pocket costs.

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