Katie Machin


Katie Machin

After years of working in the fashion industry, I realized that although successful, I wasn’t giving back and wanted something more. I played soccer for most of my youth then found weight training after community college and eventually, martial arts. I have a daily Jiu Jitsu practice and train in Muay Thai regularly. Through my love and passion for these sports, as well as the mental health and confidence boost I find through exercise, I decided to become a fitness professional. I aim to give my clients the same joy that I experience.

For me, group fitness is a team sport - we’re all in this together: You have some healthy competition and a good boost through your classmates to push that much harder. I like to challenge my groups with new movements and different ways to challenge your body and drive yourself beyond what you would accomplish on your own. As a new Portland resident, I would also love to hear your favorite things to do in this city!

Credentials: ACE Certified Professional, CPR/AED Certification

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