Nathaneil McDougal


Nathaneil mcdougal

Since a young age, Nathaneil has been passionate about movement and fitness. After playing numerous sports throughout his grade school years, Nathaneil went through the National Personal Training Institute’s education program, an intensive 500-hour program covering all aspects of what it takes to help people forge a level of fitness and capacity to move that they never thought they could have.

Nathaneil has been training since 2014 and plans on continuing for the rest of his life. His training focus is on creating functional fitness, so expect a lot of balance, reactive (plyometric), mobility, and powerlifting training. Don’t let that worry you though. He also has experience working with injured clients to regain their movement capacity and prevent future injuries, and always progresses clients from wherever they’re at in their life. In his opinion, everyone should have the capacity to move athletically.

One of the primary ways he helps people towards this goal is by incorporating practices from a variety of different movement systems, including yoga, tai chi, capoeira, and parkour. So if you’re wanting to start your own movement journey, Nathaneil would love to help you on that path.

As a vegan personal trainer, Nathaneil has experience dealing with some of the unique hurdles which that life choice can bring about. In his opinion, we all should look to non-human animals as the true experts of movement. He hopes to be able to help people move as they do, to be able to exude power and grace like our fellow animals.

Credentials: NPTI Graduate, CPR/First Aid Certified

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