Corbin Root

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Corbin Is a NASM certified personal trainer focused on teaching the basics and emphasizing quality of movement. He believes that strength is a cornerstone of a happy, fulfilled life. Whether your goal is to restore pain free movement or to challenge your ability to keep up with your kids, it’s Corbin’s goal to teach you the effective tools to achieve your own success.His goal is to develop a long term plan from a solid foundation which will allow clients to continued success within their training. From large to small movement it is his goal to provide you the tools to understand how you move uniquely within your own body and we can from there build a safe and effective plan to achieve your goals!

Corbin’s athletic background started on the mountain with over 15 years of experience skiing & snowboarding, spending the off-seasons on the lacrosse field. Back on the ground and outside the weight room, Corbin is an active hobbyist, musician and avid reader.

Credentials: NCCA Certified Personal Trainer, CPR/AED Certification