Forrest Longanecker

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Forrest is a massage therapist specializing in Shiatsu, a Japanese style that is based in Traditional Chinese Medicine. His main goal is to assist in the pursuit and maintenance of health, in a way that promotes the body’s self healing abilities so that individuals can find a happier way of being.

Outdoor activity and recreation have always been a driving force in Forrest’s life. It began with trail running, hiking and rock climbing, really anything to explore the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Whether training for a climb out in the mountains, or preparing for a competition, he understands how debilitating an injury can feel. Wherever you are in the process, Forrest will work with you to get back into the game or push through to the next level.

In a Shiatsu session with Forrest you will be fully clothed in comfortable stretchy clothing, as he works through the fabric and takes your limbs through a wonderful series of stretches that works with (or increase) your range of motion. The work is comprised of many different techniques that involves rocking, deep compression, stretching, point work and much more. He loves to learn, actively participates as a Teaching Assistant at the Oregon School of Massage and is fascinated with new literature that comes out about massage therapy. If you have any questions he would love to answer them for you.