Jay Salzman


Jay Salzman, PT, CSCS comes to Studio X after accumulating a wide variety and depth of experience. Most notably, he taught and practiced physical therapy at Pacific University’s doctoral program in physical therapy for over 16 years.  His overall philosophy is one that blends careful movement analysis, acute problem solving skills, hands-on competency, and individualized instruction/exercise prescription.  This means that he will partner with you in order to best meet your personal goals, minimizing the need for costly, long term professional intervention.  

Jay became an APTA Board Certified Clinical Specialist in orthopedics in 2004 and is an APTA credentialed clinical instructor.  In 2016, he obtained his Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist credential.  He is a member of the American Physical Therapy, Oregon Physical Therapy, and National Strength and Conditioning Associations, along with the Sports Section of the APTA. 

Jay has also been involved with the professional windsurf racing industry for over 12 years, both as a sponsored team rider and as a fitness and nutrition coach to the US Junior National Windsurfing Team.  When not on the water sailing, surfing, wakeboarding, or swimming, he enjoys running, hiking and high intensity interval training (you will likely see him in group classes!).  

This active lifestyle has led to his own fair share of injury and subsequent therapy, which has helped greatly to inform his practice.  Furthermore, he fully models the professional attribute of being a life long learner, amassing 50-80 hours per year in continuing education hours.